About Us

TIL Collectibles is a true destination shop; a treasure-trove of the unexpected. The brand is the sales and trade division of The Art Exchange Nigeria Limited.

Founded in 2007, The Art Exchange, founded in 2007 by Robert Mbonu, a former banker and wealth adviser, is an art investment advisory firm providing independent expertise and specialist advisory services in all aspects of the art and rare assets collecting.

Located in Lagos, Nigeria and with dedicated advisers worldwide, The AE delivers bespoke solutions to an international client base of High and Ultra High Net Worth private clients, Corporations, Museums, Private Banks and Family Offices.

Experienced and emerging collectors benefit from The AE’s discreet and strategic advice encompassing all aspects of the art collecting process, from auction representation and acquisitions to valuations, collection management and sales.

At TIL Collectibles we have specialists in finding investment art pieces, antiques, signed memorabilia, rare books, maps, and iconic furniture from the pre-colonial and Edwardian era and the finest vintage trunks from the great French
house of Louis Vuitton.

We are passionate and knowledgeable about the items that we sell and love to share that enthusiasm with our customers.

The website is a great portfolio but we like nothing more than putting a piece into the hands of a customer and sharing its history.

We will work with top interior designers and decorators, to find choice pieces for public and private museums. Although the shop is unashamedly masculine, we regularly delight ladies in finding the perfect gift for ‘the man that has everything.’

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